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5 Great Platforms to Sell Cosmetics Online




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Due to the rapid growth of the beauty industry, cosmetics have become a vital part of women of any age. As a cosmetic merchant, you can enjoy the fruits of the beauty industry if you know where to sell your cosmetics. You don’t need to be a cosmetics manufacturer to be able to profit from cosmetics. You can buy from manufacturers or wholesalers and sell to consumers at a much higher price and make a living out of it. So, what do you think about creating your own cosmetics online store? That said, here are the 5 places to sell your cosmetics:  

Sell cosmetics on the largest e-commerce marketplaces

You can buy cosmetics from manufacturers and wholesalers and list them on some of the largest e-commerce marketplaces on the globe such as Amazon and eBay. Amazon is the largest e-commerce marketplace in the world today. With an average of 183 million unique visitors on Amazon from U.S. alone, the market for your cosmetics is almost guaranteed.

However, to be approved to sell cosmetics on Amazon, you must be a professional cosmetic seller, meaning you must be paying the $39 recurring monthly payment for your reseller account. You must also register an order defect rate of 1%, pre-fulfillment cancel rate of 2.5% and late shipment rate of 4%.

You can also sell your cosmetics on eBay. This platform is suitable for startup cosmetic business merchants, as it doesn’t have a lot of restrictions to list products like Amazon. It also has a large audience (about 93 million unique visitors from U.S. alone, making it a prime platform to sell cosmetics.
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Sell cosmetics on Facebook

Facebook is a prime marketplace to sell your cosmetics online. With more than 1.5 billion active people on Facebook, the market is almost assured. The good thing about Facebook is that it groups people according to unique commonalities. That means you’ll find many Facebook groups dedicated to cosmetic buyers and sellers. So you can easily target your marketing campaigns to those groups; instead of wasting time doing blanket promotions. You can sell cosmetics faster on Facebook by creating your brand’s business page and promote your cosmetic business by sharing new ideas with customers. Soon enough, you’ll develop a large, loyal customer base who will buy your cosmetics again and again.

Sell cosmetics through your website

If your cosmetic business is big, you can build your site and start selling cosmetic online. You don’t need to invest in building a website in the beginning heavily. For example, instead of forking out a ton of money to hire a web designer to create a site for you, you can leverage cosmetic website templates to build an elegant website cost-effectively. Just ensure that your website has all the necessary features to ensure quick cosmetic sales. Must-have features for your cosmetic website include shipping, shopping cart software, review page, blog section, social sharing buttons, search feature, product categories, contact information and live customer support feature.

Sell cosmetics on forums

The good thing about forums is that they are packed with potential customers. Make a point to join forums that focus on cosmetics. Actively participate in those forums and introduce your cosmetics to enthusiastic women.

Sell cosmetics online using Google Adword

Google has enabled many bloggers to make money with Google Adsense. Google also has an impressive online advertising service called Google Adwords, where you pay to advertise your products with Google networks to online searchers. The advantage to Google Adwords is that it displays ads directly to web users based on what they search online. Google Adwords offers the greatest possibilities for selling your cosmetics online, and so you should leverage it.


The scramble to sell online has gone up a notch, and you need to be on your A-game always to stay ahead of competitors if you want your online cosmetic business to succeed. Make use of the platforms listed above, and you’ll surely succeed in your cosmetic business.






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